As a kid I loved Halloween. As a mother I question its traditions. All year mothers tell their kids “Don’t take candy from strangers.” On Halloween we dress them up and tell then it’s ok to take candy from strangers.

We took out first born trick-or-treating come Halloween, didn’t matter she was eight month old and all gums. As all first time, proud parents we wanted to show her off in her cute pumpkin outfit. We showed her off to every tenant in the building. By the end of the night she had a stash of goodies. For weeks afterward as I tore through her tootsie rolls I questioned whether an eight month old was too young for trick-or-treating. As I savored the creamy smoothness of peanut butter cups and enjoyed the cool sensation of junior mints in my mouth I asked myself – how young is too young?

How young is too young, and how old is too old? If a kid has no teeth, then maybe they’re too young.

My husband and daughter have M&M costumes. He wore his one year to take my daughter trick-or-treating. At one house some old lady, apparently with failing eyesight mistook my husband for a kid and gave him a candy bar. My husband accepted it (it was a large one.) As kids you keep track of which houses give the large size bars and which give the mini size. I forbade my husband from going back the following year. The man was middle age; too old.

You do start to question how old is too old when a teenager dressed in jeans and a t-shirt shows up at your door, holds open a pillowcase and says nothing. I think when you forget to say, “Trick-or-treat and thank you,” then you should forget about trick-or-treating.



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