My daughter goes to a school with a dress code which was put in place because of some bad apples who thought wearing pajamas and pants around the knees to school was acceptable attire. I went to catholic school and wore a uniform and the nuns’ outfits were straight from The Sound of Music. Since the uniforms were made from wool I didn’t mind them in the winter, but once the warm weather settled in the uniform took on moisture and I’d start to sweat. A wet, woolen uniform makes for one itchy student. If I was hot, I could only imagine that the nuns who were covered head to toe had to be even hotter. Only when I went home I got to change, the nuns never did. Even when I saw them in public (which always surprised me) they were dressed like a penguin. But, on the bright side all that sweating must have been a great weight reducer.

An article in USA Today said that some public schools are taking action because teachers are dressing inappropriately and have received parental complaints. Schools have moved to ban tattoos and piercings, outlaw jeans and nix skinny straps. It’s a good idea for your skinny strap to always be fatter than your bra strap. I wonder if the nuns wore a skinny strap and if so, how skinny was it. Did the nuns even wear a bra? No one would know. Did they wear underwear? No one would know. Wearing a woolen uniform I never would have gone sans underwear. There would have been a whole lot of scratching goin’ on and people would have known.

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