An article in USA Today reported that travelers in the USA want to be able to work out and eat healthy while on the road and hotels are listening.

The luxury Fairmont chain updated its FIT program and lets guests borrow Reebok running shoes, apparel and other fitness gear. I associate borrowing shoes with bowling. You take your chances when wearing shoes previously worn. What if the last person before you to wear the shoes had a foot fungus, smelly feet or out of control cuticles? Oh! The horror! The items are delivered directly to the guests rooms. Now, if these guests want to workout in order to stay fit why don’t they walk to the front desk or fitness room to collect the items? These must be the same people who run five miles on the treadmill at the gym and yet circle the parking lot fifty times till they find a spot right in front.

When I travel I always take my little exercise ball, weights and bands with me. All this equipment is small and portable, making it easy to exercise in my room rather than using the hotel fitness room.

But, it can be a challenge to stay healthy when some hotels always provide a tray of cookies in the lobby. Why, eating just one chocolate cookie is like eating just one peanut – you just can’t do it.

One way I try and stay in shape is to take the stairs instead of the elevator wherever I go. At one hotel I stayed at I was made to feel foolish when I inquired where the stairs were located. The desk clerk looked at me like I had two heads when I asked, “Where are the stairs?” With a stunned expression she questioned, “Stairs? What do you mean by stairs?” Me – “You know, those things people climb that connect the first floor to the second floor and the third floor to the fourth… and so on.”

Clerk – Hmm…. I don’t know. Hold on. Billy, (she calls over to the bored bellhop) can you come here a sec?

Billy – “What is it?”

Clerk – This lady wants to know where the stairs are. Do you know where they are?”

Billy – They’re around here somewhere, but I’ve never used them. Why do you need em? Is something wrong with the elevator?”

Me –“No, I’d just prefer to take the stairs for exercise.”

Billy and Clerk (who I began to suspect were cut from the same cloth) – Huh, that’s a new one on us.”

Me –“Is there anyone who would know?’

Billy – (Looks at desk clerk) “You think the manager would know?”

Clerk – (says in a questioning tone) “You think he would know?”

Billy and Clerk in unison – “Let’s call the manager.”

Two brains – one thought. SCARY!

Clerk calls the manager and informs me, “He’ll be right up. He was in the fitness room exercising which is where all our other hotel guests go for their exercise.

I pretend not to notice Billy and desk clerk staring at me in puzzlement.

Manager arrives and asks, “What seems to be the problem?”

Billy and clerk, “This lady’s looking for the stairs.”

Manager – “What on earth for?”

Me – “For the extra exercise.”

Manager – “Well, we have a state of the art fitness center. Come with me and I’ll show you.”

Caving to defeat I oblige, “Ok.”

The manager puts his arm around my shoulders like he’s guiding a confused child and as we pass the cookie tray on the front desk he takes one, hands it to me and says, “Here, this will make you feel better.”

Frustrated and hungry by now, I accept the cookie and start munching. I made up for it by walking an extra mile on the treadmill.


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