My neighbors’ house is up for sale. Yesterday, garbage day, the real estate agent arrived early and put the garbage cans out. I couldn’t believe it. That’s some real estate agent. The most ours ever did was give a business card/ refrigerator magnet.

I got to thinking that one really has to build a relationship of trust with their agent since they have access to your home. Think about it. Your agent knows when you’re home and when you’re away. What’s to stop them from throwing a party in your absence? I saw a movie where a real estate agent pretended the mansion of a house she was selling was hers so she could impress someone she knew.

Let’s say Wendy, the real estate agent for the rich and famous was evicted by her landlord and doesn’t want to return home to live with her parents, so she uses her client’s houses as her houses.

One day Wendy uses Bob’s house to shower. The next day she uses Mary’s house to sleep in the bed with the extra firm mattress. She uses the gym at Fred and Linda’s house to get in her daily workout. And she uses the heated pool for her love of swimming at the Mitchell’s house since none of their kids use it. She relaxes at the end of a hard day by watching movies and drinking wine in the theater room of Jim and Buffy Clueless.

Only Wendy got cocky and posted pictures of herself in her clients’ houses on Face Book.  She wound up living in her car, unable to return home to her parents. Her parents, shamed by the scandal, decided to move and listed their house. They went with her competitor as they felt they just couldn’t trust her. Pity.

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