I always get a little sad when fall has past its peak and the vibrant, colorful leaves have fallen, leaving the trees bare. Now when you look at a tree you may notice ugly, twisted branches and a bird’s nest that was always there. Now that the bloom is off the rose, the tree stands naked before you, exposed, warts and all; waiting for the first winter snow.

There comes a time in every relationship when the bloom falls off.

When a couple starts dating, the relationship is new and love is in the air. It’s like eternal springtime. The relationship blossoms into love.

This stage of euphoria has each person showing their good side and exhibiting their good behavior. They could let their guard down and show their true colors, but it’s summertime, smooth sailing…so, why rock the boat.

Fall arrives and the leaves have fallen and the trees are barren. The relationship has entered the comfortable stage where your mate isn’t afraid for you to see them as they really are, warts and all. He sees you sans makeup. You see his him sans teeth. This is the most dangerous stage and it’s called ‘marriage.’ Farting, belching and scratching come to play such a big part in the relationship that the postal service recognizes it by delivering mail marked ‘current resident.’ You love your mate. The two of you have weathered all seasons, but you look at your mate and think, I can’t wait for the first winter snow to hide some of those twisted, ugly limbs.

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