An article in USA Today reported McDonald’s announced that its first monthly sales decline in nearly a decade could lead to changes. One change they’re considering is ‘home delivery.’

Even though our local Chinese restaurant delivers I wish it had a drive thru, like McDonalds. Since Chinese food comes packaged in white, multi sized containers, it screams drive thru. Why, just fill the cartons and throw them in the bag. Just don’t throw the soup as it may get a little messy. To top it off, like a cherry on a sundae, throw in 100 packets or so of soy sauce. I think some fast food places give handfuls of condiments so if the food is bad you won’t notice it with five pounds worth of ketchup on it. I think of it as a consolation prize because every time I’ve used the drive thru by my house the order is screwed up.

I open my refrigerator door and condiment packets fall out. I would have to live to 112 to use them all. Not a reason to keep pumping the respirator. Instead of ketchup and mustard bottles for a picnic, I bring packets. One time I decided to get rid of my soy sauce packets by filling the empty, store bought bottle. I’d open a packet, pour it into the bottle, rip open another one and repeat the process…rip and pour, rip and pour. Twelve hours later the bottle was filled, 100 packets were leftover and I had a severe case of tunnel carpel syndrome.

Christmas is coming. May be this year I’ll give them out as stocking stuffers. Or I could decorate the tree with them. People string popcorn. Why can’t I string condiments? I have enough for the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

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