When we first got married I made two Christmas cookies. Over the years the list has grown. One of the first cookies I made was the jam filled thumbprint. I still make it, only my version varies a little. Sometimes we omit the jam. Sometimes we omit the thumbprint, shape it into a ball and roll it in almonds, giving us an almond cookie. Sometimes we omit the nuts and place a dab of jam in the middle, giving credence to its name.

Another cookie that’s tradition is the snowball cookie. Although, there’s nothing surprising about it as anybody that knows me, knows the surprise will be some form of chocolate. These cookies are meant to be dusted with powered sugar, but since I’m not a fan, the surprise is, there is none. A snowball cookie without white sugar doesn’t look like a snowball. It looks like a simple ball of dough.

We make sugar cookies also. My kids will decorate a cookie in a unique design so as to call it their own; their way of calling dibs. Heaven help the person who mistakenly eats their cookie. Why, they’ll bite the head off your snowman if you touch their cookie. They’ll get vengeance, an eye for an eye; or should it be… a corn-cob-pipe for a corn-cob-pipe.

My favorite cookie is an Anise cookie. This cookie is technically not a Christmas cookie, yet I choose to make it at Christmas. I don’t know why. Nobody is more confused by this tradition than me since I don’t give the cookie out. No way. No how. I make the cookie (for which I double the batter) and eat it, till way after Christmas. One year, one of my kids suggested we leave one out for Santa. I moved the kid over to the naughty list. Let Santa eat the snowballs with no snow and the thumbprint without any fingerprints. Let him leave my cookies alone, before I bite the head off of Mrs. Claus.

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