My daughter took two cookies, in two separate bags to school with her. It wasn’t that each cookie was so big it required its own bag, she didn’t want them touching being they were different cookies. Talk about segregation. She’s one of those people who don’t like their food to touch. I used to be one of these people. I believe the TV dinner tray was invented by someone who didn’t like their food touching. It’s because of these people that paper plates with dividers will always be popular.

But, now that I’m a mature adult (older anyway) I don’t mind my carrots and peas mingling on my plate. Although I’m sure the person who came up with the idea for canned peas and carrots must have been a rebel if his parents were food separators. Why, giving his parents a can of peas and carrots must have been the equivalent to giving them a heart attack on a plate.

Most people who don’t like their food to touch are very big with ordering things ‘On the side.’ You want your dressing on the side. You want sour cream on the side. You want your meatballs on the side. On the side was very big with Sally from the movie, ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ She had everything from ice cream to the wedding cake sauce on the side. It was a great movie and if you didn’t see it, you must.

Buffet tables can be a nightmare for food separators. A buffet gives you one plate and 100 food choices. What do you do? Do you make 100 trips to the buffet and risk having people think you’re a pig? Do you take two plates, one for each hand? Do you take a tray, fill it with plates and fill each plate with a different food? Or do you squelch your anxiety, knowing that no matter how high the barriers you put up to separate your food, it all winds up together and comes out the same place? That is all except for corn. I don’t know what it is with corn that it doesn’t digest. You’ll see it waving at you from down under; if you look close you’ll even see the melted butter you spread on it. But, corn’s a topic for another day, another blog.

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