My husband and I waited around all day for a package that was due to be delivered from FedEx.  At7 p.m.the package had not arrived and we realized we had wasted a whole day. This would have been the perfect opportunity to do what so many people are doing this holiday season – outsourcing Christmas chores. We could have paid someone to sit in out home and wait for a package.

I can see how if you’re busy and pressed for time you’d hire someone to bake your cookies which were made with love. I can see how if you’re short on time you’d hire someone to decorate your tree and house, giving it that special flair. I can see how if you’re stressed and hate crowds you’d hire someone to buy friends and relatives Christmas gifts.

Craigslist is where you can hire people to do all the things you don’t have the time or the inclination to do. I can see your assistant stringing your lights, but when it comes to picking a personal gift for the wife, be careful.

Christmas morning – your wife is eager to see what you bought her and since you’re eager to see what your assistant bought her; you help her tear off the wrapping and open the box. There is stunned silence as the two of you stare at the first aid kit. Your wife looks at you, her husband of twenty years and growls, “Have we met before? This must be the first time we’re meeting because my husband, the man I’ve been married to for twenty years would know better than to get me a stupid gift.”

Later the husband uses the bandages from the kit to cover the wounds his wife justifiably inflicted upon him. There could be no justifying using the motto ‘It’s the thought that counts’ as there was no thought. My advice would be to fire your assistant and take care of the holiday preparation yourself. And so this is why my husband and I don’t outsource our chores and stay home all day waiting for packages that never come.

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