We’ve had the same roll of wrapping paper for years. We bought it back in the day before all we bought everybody were gift cards. Now the wrapping paper sits on a shelf, unused. Not only does buying gift cards cut down on paper, it also cuts down on the gifts I buy for myself. Used to be when I’d shop for that perfect gift for someone I’d look at something and ask myself if I’d be happy to receive this as a gift. If I answered yes, I’d buy two – one for myself and one for the other person. Buying gift cards has saved me a lot of money. Since they fit perfectly in a card you don’t have to fuss with wrapping them, which suits me just fine. I’m a terrible wrapper.

Some people have a gift for wrapping; making a box look like a work of art; decorating it with ribbons and bows. The presentation is so beautiful you feel guilty tearing into it. But, the guilt quickly fades as desire to see your gift wins out.

When it comes to unwrapping a gift there are two types of people. You have the type who rips into it, paper, ribbons and bows flying everywhere.

The second type is methodical. They’ll size up the gift by turning it around and looking at it from every angle before they start to unwrap it. They’ll slowly remove the ribbons and bows that adorn the package and place them aside. Next, they’ll carefully break the seal from the tape and slide the box out at one end. It can be a long, tedious process. While you’re at the stores on Dec.26, shopping the after Christmas sales they’re still at home unwrapping the gifts.

Usually how a person opens a present is the same way they’ll unwrap a hard candy. If a person quickly unwraps his gift, he’ll quickly unwrap his candy. If a person slowly unwraps his gift, he’ll slowly unwrap his candy. I know. I’m married to a man who slowly unwraps both presents and candy.

The other night, watching television it took him fifteen minutes to unwrap a Hershey Kiss. I could have unwrapped and eaten a whole bag by the time he was done. He dragged it out so I could hear the crinkling of the wrapper. He’s the person at the theater, sitting next to you who think if they slowly unwrap the candy it won’t make noise. Guess what? They’re wrong! Open the goddamn candy already and eat it!

So, unwrap your candy, unwrap your gifts and have a Merry Christmas.

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