Walking around the shoe store, looking at shoes, I heard a mother ask her daughter, “What color goes with these boots?” When the daughter answered, “Purple,” the mother’s face lit up as her entire outfit was 50 shades of purple. When the mother asked the daughter, “What color goes with these boots?” the daughter sighed and answered, “They’re black, any color goes.” I could tell from the snippet of conversation I heard the mother was not a color person.

Over the years I’ve taught my husband the 50 shades of blue: navy blue, royal blue, baby blue, sky blue and black and blue. I’ve taught him about the brown family and there’s sandy brown, caramel brown, dark brown and chocolate brown. When he once told me he liked the green blouse I was wearing I taught him it was turquoise (a combo of green and blue) and there’s lime green, teal and green with envy.  And I’ve taught him how different colors look different in different light such as daylight, nightlight, moonlight and fluorescent light. (Every woman’s nightmare.)

I brought home a paint chip of a color I’m considering for our bedroom. I stuck it on the closet door, next to the window to see it in natural light. I looked and saw green. My husband looked and saw $ signs (still a shade of green.) My guests, who were looking at it in a darkened room, saw the undertone colors of grey and brown. Different lighting brings out different colors. The right lighting can make anything look alright; only you can’t always count on that lighting. Why do you think people prefer candlelight dinners? Not for romance, but to hide the flaws. Why do you think couples prefer to be intimate with the lights out? Hides the flaws and excess weight. Why do you think bars have dim lighting? Hides the flaws.  I think we can all agree with dim lights and booze, everybody’s cast in the perfect light.

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