Open air gyms, better known as ‘Fitness Parks,’ are popping up in cities across the country. An article in USA Today stated fitness equipment from elliptical to leg press machines, installed in public parks is the way to go to fight obesity. These free outdoor gyms are accessible to anyone.

Since the number one resolution for the majority of people is to lose weight, these parks will make it easier to stick to that resolution. There’s no membership fee. Just think of all the things you could do with the money you save. Why, you could go to McDonald’s for lunch everyday; although if you did, you’d need to take advantage of the park on a daily basis.

I think these parks are great for the parent who takes their kid to the park and usually sits and watches them play. Now mom or Dad can workout while Jimmy’s eating sand in the sandbox. My gym has a thirty minute maximum on the elliptical machine; these parks may have to mandate the same rules if everyone gravitates to the same machine. One, big advantage to using an outdoor gym rather than an enclosed one – no loud, lousy, piped in music. At my gym, I play my ipod at full blast to drown out the background music that I’ve suffered hearing loss. At least I think that’s what my doctor said at my last visit, I had trouble hearing him. The only music for park exercisers will be their own or the blaring music from a passing car.

Also, unlike an enclosed gym, an outdoor gym will have no showers. Thank God. Some people lose all sense of modesty in a locker room. A person will think nothing of bending over right in front of you, causing your facial cheeks to be aligned with their butt cheeks. You could tell them right then and there what the results of their colonoscopy will be.

My husband tells tales of this guy who stands, butt naked in front of him and talks. When a very animated, naked guy talks, you’ll find arm flab isn’t the only thing to jiggle. It’s when he strikes a pose with one leg up on the bench that I’d want to bolt. So, let’s hope showers never become part of ‘Fitness Parks.’


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