I read an article about two public toilets inSulphur Springs,Texaswhich has one-way mirrors so the person inside can see out, but the person outside can’t see in. The toilets’ glass exterior resembles an art piece as the goal was to make the bathroom inconspicuous. Only visitors are coming from all over to take a peek at it. That worked out well.

How cool would it be to be in a public bathroom where you can see what’s going on outside and nobody can see you? Why, supply magazines and there will be people who will use this as a little retreat.

Just imagine you’re sitting and minding your own business when a couple stops outside the toilet and starts arguing. You watch as their conversation becomes heated. You watch as an argument ensues with eye rolling and finger pointing. You’re curious what the fight is about. When you lean closer to the wall in hopes of catching a juicy tidbit, you fall off the throne. By the time you get up the couple has moved on.

Just imagine you’re in the toilet taking care of business when a little, old lady walks bye. She’s walking with her dog and cane when a thug walks past and tries to grab her purse. She yells, “Police,” and beats the purse snatcher with her cane. Her dog jumps up and bites the guy on the butt. The guy starts to run. You see a policeman run across the street to catch the guy. You hear him yell, “Stop, police.” You then watch in amazement as the bad guy takes out a gun and fires at the officer. You watch as the cop draws his gun and shoots straight into the glass mirrors of your toilet. You feel like you’re in a bad movie where the action goes into slow motion for emphasis and all the characters involved come to stare at you in your embarrassing position. Only this movie doesn’t have a happy ending as you’re arrested and charged with public indecency.

I imagine it may be best to avoid such public toilets.



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