It snowed where I live in NC. Some schools close prematurely simply because the forecast predicts snow. I don’t mind snow so long as it’s on just the trees and grass. The morning after the snow my husband shoveled our driveway. On the rare occasions it does snow, he’s the only one on our block to shovel; probably because we’re from NY and old habits die hard. Our neighbors wait to let the sun (when and if it comes out) take care of it. Some people don’t shovel and some don’t bother to wipe the snow from their car windshield.  Some people wipe a hole only big enough for them to look through the front windshield while driving. Some don’t even bother to wipe the snow from the back windshield. Obviously these people don’t ever go in reverse; or maybe their driving’s so bad it doesn’t make a difference.

We were driving on the highway, behind a car whose hood was covered in snow. Do you know what it’s like to have snow flying at you at speeds up to 60mph? It feels as though you’re in a 3D movie. Even though you know the snow won’t hit you, you still bob and weave to avoid being hit. You’re prepared for it as you see it fly off the hood, sail through the air toward you and yet, you still jump when it hits your windshield.

Since you know it’s coming you’re not as surprised as you are when a fly drops on your window, and their guts spread across the windshield. I feel sorry for the fly who’s sitting atop a cars snow covered hood (minding his own business,) enjoying the ride and then he’s sailing through the air on an iceberg, only to land and meet an untimely death. Earlier that day his wife was crushed as she was relaxing on the rear bumper of a car that backed into a tree. The cars’ driver didn’t see the tree as the windshield was snow covered.

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