USA Today ran an article about ‘pod hotels,’ which are very compact and offer travelers nothing more than a place to sleep.

The TUBOHOTEL in Mexico uses old recycled concrete drainage pipes to make hotel rooms. Each room has a queen size bed, light, fan and Wi-Fi.

In The 9 Hours pod hotel in Japan, guests can’t even stand up in the capsule hotel, being big enough for one person. Guests get a locker for their luggage.

These hotels are for the person traveling alone.

To consider staying at a ‘pod hotel,’ I would need a night table next to the bed. Room size wouldn’t matter so long as I had a night table to put my glasses, book, tissues and water on. And if I have a table for my water, then I’ll need a pod with running water. But, if it doesn’t have running water, then I’ll need a pod with a refrigerator to keep my water chilled. Yes, that is all I shall need.

If any pod has a king size bed then I shall need a step ladder to climb into bed. Sometimes the old running and jumping into bed routine is exhausting at the end of a long day.

I don’t know if any ‘pod hotels’ include toilets, but if they do, then spare rolls of toilet paper shall be all I need.

I don’t know if any pod hotels has a direct line to housekeeping so I could request extra towels, but I do know I shall need towels to wipe up water spilled, when at night I knock over my glass that was on the night stand.

I do know if I was sleeping alone, in a pod, it wouldn’t matter if I tipped over my water glass (which has been known to happen.) My husband wouldn’t be around to yell at me for waking him from a peaceful sleep. I do know if I was alone in a pod a fight wouldn’t ensue and I’d be able to return to peaceful slumber. Maybe a ‘pod hotel’ is exactly what I do need.



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