“Dating By The Numbers” was discussed on the Today Show. The person interviewed said today singles can use dating sites such as: Creditscoredating or Datemycreditscore to size up a prospective partners credit score and see if you’d be financially compatible. Gone are the days of asking someone, “What’s your sign?” Now you can ask, “What’s your credit score?”

Thanks to Google and credit score dating sites you now know all about your blind date. What’s left to know besides their family medical history? And I think it’s only a matter of time till we have sites such as: familygenepool and itsallrelative.com for one to research a potential partners family history for both physical and mental risks.

What if you’re dating two guys and have to choose one? Who do you choose? Do you choose the guy with the higher credit score? A good credit score does not make a good man. A choice based on credit can eclipse other factors such as shared interest, similar background and physical chemistry. If you base a decision on finances, then you’re looking for a business partner, not a marriage partner. In such a relationship be prepared to get a text brush-off which reads, ‘Sorry, it’s not you, but your credit score.’

I met my husband in college and not only didn’t we have credit scores, we didn’t even have a credit card. We had rooms at our parents’ house and dreams for the future. The only scores we cared and talked about were ourSATscores. Not having a financial portfolio back then we gambled on love and got married. And when we married I kept score as to who won more arguments.

Looking back on our marriage and three children, I’d have to admit I scored big.

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