A French themed restaurant in Tokyo, Ne Quiltez Pas has started serving dishes containing dirt to its patrons. It’s reported the chef uses only the best dirt on earth as it consist of volcanic ashes mixed with soil and plants. What a relief, because if you’re going to eat dirt, you should eat good dirt. A newspaper writer who reviewed the restaurant said, “Although the dishes appear dirty, they didn’t taste like dirt.”

A little dirt never hurt anyone. If you’re really hungry you’ll eat anything. Who do you think made up the ten second rule?  It was made up by really hungry people of course. Why ten seconds? I believe that’s how long it took him or her to bend down and retrieve the piece of chocolate (nothing but chocolate is worth bending down for) off the floor. Let’s face it, whether one or ten seconds, when it hits the floor, it’s dirty. And we all know just how dirty our own kitchen floor is.

Babies eat dirt all the time and it doesn’t effect their growth. They eat hair covered cheerios from up, off the floor. They such on their pacifier which mom just licked clean after it fell on the floor. There is no sterilization after the first kid. They suck their toes. They kiss the family dog that drinks from the toilet. And they constantly suck their fingers (and sometimes a whole hand.) I would venture to guess babies ingest tons of dirt, daily. Babies don’t walk around with a bottle in one hand and hand sanitizer in the other.

Lately, I’ve had some food that gave me reason to pause and think eating dirt may be the way to go. In a restaurant I got eggs with some shell. I didn’t order the shell, it was a surprise. I got cold, burnt toast; which means after it was burnt, it was left to chill. I had a dead bug on my ice, in my water glass; another surprise. I was handed a paperless straw by a waiter who kept touching his nose. And I had a hair in my whipped cream topped dessert. That was a stomach churning surprise. All these surprises have made me certain eating dirt is the way to go.

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