The iron is out. The cat is in. This week Hasbro announced ‘Monopoly’ fans voted to get rid of the iron and replace it with a cat. This didn’t come as a surprise since cat videos are popular on YouTube.

Personally, I’m glad the iron’s out as I never chose it. My mother was a master at ironing. I never developed the same love for it; which is probably why I never chose it. When she taught me to iron I learned to spray starch on everything. When my father blew his nose with his freshly starched, ironed handkerchief, I learned not to spray starch on everything.

When I got married my mother gave us an ironing board. She gave them out as gifts the way some people give out toasters. Like the proverbial elephant in the room, at first we tried ignoring it. Then we acknowledged its existence by tip toeing around it, side stepping it and dancing around it. We tried to make it blend with the room and use it as a plant stand. When that didn’t work I would occasionally use it for its intended purpose; although I never used starch.

Over time, it stopped being used and its function became like the piece of exercise equipment which sits it a corner, and is used as an extra closet. At times it was hard to move, heavy with the weight of clothes piled on top. It became the catch-all drawer, only this was visible to all. If someone was looking for their keys or gloves, the question asked was, “Did you check the ironing board?” You could count on it to hold whatever you were looking for.

It became like a family member that you don’t pay attention to until you need something from them. We acknowledged its existence by using it for storage and moving it out of sight when company visited. We acknowledged its existence by using and abusing it for everything other than what it was meant for – ironing.

This is why I never chose the iron and I’m glad it’s out.


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