Just in time for Valentine’s Day, what we’ve all been waiting for – the six foot rose. Grown in the humidity and volcanic soil of Ecuador the flowers are not only taller than average, but have twice as many petals.

Sales for the Ultimate Rose spike this time of year. A dozen roses, with vase, can cost up to $300 through FTD. Well, if you’re shelling out that much money on roses I’m glad to know a vase is complimentary.

Otherwise, just imagine the person who gets a delivery of one dozen, six foot roses, minus the vase. Where do you put them? Not everyone has a six foot vase on hand. The search is on. An old jelly jar won’t do. That oriental vase you got from your cousin you hate as a wedding gift won’t do. You call friends, family and neighbors. None of them has a six foot vase. You’re ticked that your uncle, the hoarder never acquired a vase with all the junk he has. You run to your local nursery. Success. By the time your search is over, you return home to find the roses half wilted. That’s a lot of money and time to spend on something that’ll die in a week.

I don’t know if I’d like flowers that are bigger than me. I wouldn’t be able to display them on my kitchen table. My ceiling’s not that high. I wouldn’t be able to put them beside my bed because I know when I woke at night to use the bathroom I’d think they were an intruder and take a swing. In order for me to stop and smell the roses I’d have to climb a ladder. In order for me to water them, I’d have to climb the same ladder.

We had a five foot Christmas tree which I loved because when I stood next to it I felt tall, even though it was only by an inch or two. It was the only tree I could reach and decorate the top. Every other tree to me may as well be the Rockefeller Christmas tree.  This is why I’d prefer regular roses over six foot roses.

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