McDonald’s is offering Fish McBites, its first new happy meal entrée in over ten years. Fish McBites are crunchy, fried bite-size pieces of Alaska Pollock, the same fish used in its Filet–O-Fish sandwiches.

I know adults who order Happy Meals. You can’t beat a meal that comes with a toy. Why should kids only have fun while eating? Why do you think adults buy cereal with prizes? They claim it’s for their kids, which you’ve never seen. You’re belief in them is flimsy.

Just about all restaurants have a kids menu and a senior menu. Is it just me, but doesn’t it seem the kids and senior size portion are the size of a regular adult entrée used to be before society started super sizing everything. Plates have gotten bigger, drinks have gotten bigger, and in turn waistlines have gotten bigger. This is why experts tell you if you’re trying to lose weight to eat dinner using a small salad plate.

Bigger plates lead to me coming home with leftovers every time I eat out. There was a time when it was frowned upon for a restaurant customer to walk out, holding a doggie bag. Those days are gone. Now you’re advised to cut your entrée in half as soon as it’s served, so you could eat half and bring the other half home.  I’m happy walking out of a restaurant with leftovers as it means no cooking for me tomorrow.  While waiting to be seated in a restaurant, the more people I see leaving with takeout boxes, the happier I get. It means the food’s good. If people didn’t take home leftovers, but rather left them on their table, I suspect the food’s not that good.

I’m sure McDonald’s Fish McBites will be a hit and there won’t be a leftover to be had. I can only say I wish this had existed when I was young. During Lent, my mother would make fish every Friday. Since I hated the fish she made, I always had leftovers. If Fish McBites had existed back then I would have willingly eaten my fish and been happy with my toy. That would have made for a Happy Meal.

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