Summer is approaching, the time of year when we’ll be subjected to men wearing socks with sandals. I’m convinced these men don’t own a mirror. Some men always wear socks, whether or not they should. Some people never wear socks even when they should, like working out at the gym and sweating profusely. I’ll see somebody at the gym, running on the treadmill with sweat dripping down their back, their legs and into their sneakers. Without socks to absorb the moisture the sneaker becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. In this situation a man needs to wear a sock.

There are two types of people when it comes to folding socks: those who fold socks into a ball and those who fold socks in half. When it comes to the sock drawer you have two types of people: those who toss the socks in Willey Nilley and those who organize the drawer. I fold rather than roll and I organize according to the seasons. Wintertime my heavy, long socks are front and center. Summertime my ankle height sport socks are front and center. My peds
are side-by-side my sport socks. My sport socks are in two piles – lightweight and heavy duty cotton. My winter socks are also divided into two piles – warm,
woolen socks that I usually wear around the house and my trouser socks that I wear with dress pants when going out. Then I have Christmas socks which are
grouped in the winter section.

When it comes to putting on socks and shoes, once again there are two types of people. You have the person who puts on sock, sock, shoe, shoe. And you have the person who puts on sock, shoe, sock, shoe. I usually put on sock, shoe, sock, shoe. But, sometimes as I’m lacing up I think if my house suddenly caught fire I’d be forced to run into the street with one sock and shoe on, making running hard to do. Being off balance would impede the pace at which I’d be able to flee from the house. Yet, if I had on sock, sock I would be able to flee easily and seek safety. Sometimes I think if I forgot the socks and just wore sneakers then not only could I run from house fire, but I could run quickly. I could run all the way to the gym if I wanted to, jump on the treadmill and become one of those people who make me wonder why they don’t wear socks. Now that I think about it, it all makes sense.

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