Before you dive into a pool this summer keep in mind an article that ran in USA Today which reported a new study found telltale signs of feces in more than half of pools sampled. DNA was found from E. coli bacteria.

After the movie JAWS came out people were afraid to go in the water. After this survey people will be afraid to go in their local pool. It’s a toss-up between swimming with feces or swimming with sharks.   It’s a hard decision.

I’m sure some of the feces found in the pools were not from humans alone, but from animals as well. I’ll explain.  Yesterday, my husband and I were in our car
when a bird crapped on the windshield. So, if birds poop on moving objects they would most certainly poop on stationary objects, like pools. Naturally if birds
poop in pools then certainly flies must poop in pools.

For the safety of mankind any creature that flies should be made to wear a diaper. I know it’s unrealistic. Why, can you imagine a mama fly trying to diaper a baby fly. “Now, Jimmy stop flapping your wings and be still so Mama can change your diaper.” Just imagine how hard it would be to diaper a fly. They don’t make diapers that small. But, it sure would be nice if the next time you’re in car your car you see a fly with a diaper and know he won’t leave
his mark.

But since flies don’t wear diapers we have pools filled with human feces, fly feces and we have kiddie pools where kids would rather eat a fly than a carrot. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take my chances and swim in open waters with a man eating shark.


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