I read a magazine that listed nine tips to having a hot summer fling with the guy you’ve already got, and for me, since George Clooney hasn’t called me yet, that would be my husband.

Let’s review some tips together. One tip was – make out in the back row of a movie theater. We did that while dating. Now that we’re married if we’re going to get off the couch and spend 100 bucks to see a movie, by golly we’re going to watch the movie.

Another tip – share a milkshake. That’s not gonna happen if the milkshake’s chocolate.

The last tip I’ll mention – dedicate an entire day of being naked together. Again – that’s not gonna happen on account of I’ve had to many milkshakes.

Basically, all these tips advise you to flirt with your spouse or mate.

Recently Virgin America Airlines has made it easy for singles (and unhappily married people) to flirt while flying. It’s called In-Flight-Flirting. With In-Flight-Flirting every seat comes with a screen that lets passengers send a drink and text messages to other passengers you find attractive. This is a great idea if the girl you send a drink to welcomes the opportunity to flirt, but if the girls’ not interested things can get hairy. Where does one hide on a plane? She can’t walk through the door and leave as though she’s in a bar. She can’t go to the bathroom and climb out a window as though she’s in a bar. Climbing out on the wing is frowned upon. She can’t go to the cockpit and sit on the pilots lap. I mean she could and he’d probably enjoy it, but that’s not the point. The girl has no place to hide if the guy gets pushy and arrogant. Planes, unlike bars do not have bouncers.

What she could do is get the married guy she’s been texting and flirting with to pretend he’s her husband and take care of Mr. Pushy. At this point a ruckus will ensue, the plane will be diverted, forced to land and the three parties involved will be kicked off. In national news it will become known as the ‘Case of in-flight-flirting gone horribly wrong.’

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