I read an article in USA Today that stated even though travelers today have smartphones with alarm clocks more and more hotels are giving wake-up calls a personal touch. The Westin Resort and Casino, Aruba gives a wake-up call and someone goes to your room and knocks to make sure your up. At Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Los Cabas, a butler shows up at your door to wake you up with free, tea, coffee and breakfast breads.

My mother had her own unique way of waking up me and my siblings on a Saturday morning. She’d fling open the bedroom door and barrel in with the
vacuum cleaner – ON. Yes, that was her way of saying, “Rise and shine.” It was our alarm clock telling us to stop wasting the day (6 a.m.) and get going. Her
motto could have been ‘I do more by 8 a.m. than you do all day. It didn’t matter it was the weekend and had no school. It didn’t matter it was rainy and
had no place to go. We had to get going. I was going once the vacuum bumped my bed. We’d jump up and grab the closest thing and start dusting. It could have been a rag. It could have been a spatula. I was never sure as my eyes were always closed. Although at times the spatula did look kind of questionable.

I promised myself when I was an adult I planned to sleep as late as I wanted. My first born daughter had other plans. She planned to start my days at 5:30 in the morning, every morning. I went from waking at 6 to waking at 5:30. I didn’t think it could get worse. She made me long for the days I slept to 6.

I’ve had vacuum cleaners and crying babies wake me up; but at least I didn’t need to dust the baby. I’ve never needed an alarm clock. I plan to one day go somewhere and wake up peacefully, by a butler, serving me breakfast in bed. Why, I might plan on inviting him in that is if he doesn’t have a vacuum cleaner in hand.

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