The zip code turns 50 this year; happy birthday. The zip code was rolled out to make mail delivery easier for your postman.

Until recently a neighbor who moved away years ago was still getting packages delivered to her old house. Every so often she’d call to ask if we’d go next door, talk to the new owners and collect her package. At first we thought the post office was at fault for not forwarding her mail. It turns out she was at fault. She would shop online and when she moved she never bothered
to change her address. So, when she placed her online order she would ‘click and confirm’ her address rather than change it. One day she showed up and wrongly accused the new owner for withholding her mail. When he found out she placed the order online, he told her, “Change your address and your packages will be delivered to your new house.” You can tell she had a light bulb moment as planes started to land on her head.

Recently I put a birthday card in our mailbox. I was home and outside when the mailman came. I saw him remove the card, look at the card and put it with the rest of the mail in his truck. About a week later I receive the card in the mail with stickers ‘undeliverable’ and ‘lack of postage’ on it. Unbelievable – not that I forgot to put a stamp on it, but that the mailman
didn’t say anything to me the day he took it. I know he saw me. He could of let me know I forgot the stamp. Did he have to take the card and let it travel around the world only to be returned a week later? My birthday card became a belated birthday card. From now on I think I’ll go with e-cards.

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