We store our bags in the overhead compartment. We secure our seatbelts and turn off electronic devices. We ascend to flying altitude and are told we are free to ‘move about the cabin.’ The words ‘move about the cabin’ are said in jest as the plane we’re flying is equivalent to a tin can with wings. Even if we wanted to moving about the cabin was impossible as the flight attendant was going down the aisle with the beverage cart. There wasn’t additional even room for a small roach. The maximum requirement for ‘moving about’ was one person.

We arrive in New York, go to our hotel, unpack and go to my girlfriend’s room down the hall. We checkout her room and find she has a soap dish and since we don’t, call housekeeping and request one. We’re assured one would be provided. I’m sure one would be in our room upon our return.

The three of us head out to explore. Movement in New York is much like movement on the plane – cramped. We went from the roar of the jet engines to honking horns which is background music in New York. The no honking signs that are posted are ignored as motorists have no time to read them cause they’re too busy blowing their horn.

Waiting to cross a street is like preparing for a marathon. Once the traffic light gives the visual cue to walk, you better walk… and fast. No dawdling. Should you hesitate you will be swept along by the people around you who think fast, talk fast and move fast. New Yorkers have distracted walking down to a science. They’re so busy on their phones that they don’t know or care if a cab comes within two inches of ending their life.

If you think of stopping to tie your shoe – think again. Nobody would have sympathy if you got run over. If you think of picking up the dollar you dropped – think again. Nobody would defend a moron in court. It was only a dollar.

At the end of the night we walk back to our room. We prepare for bed, washing our face with the soap that has no dish. We decide tomorrow morning to leave a note for the maid requesting a soap dish.

Meet me back here tomorrow and I’ll let you know.

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