We leave a note for the maid requesting a soap dish. We head out for the day, confident in the thought a soap dish will be in our room upon our return. First we go to breakfast. When I ask the waitress where the bathrooms are she hands me a key and whips out a map. (Since space in New York is tight more than one business may have to share space.) The public restroom was shared between the diner and connecting hotel. She pointed on the map the road I needed to travel. I was told to go down a flight of steps, make a left, cross a bridge (with toll), walk through the hotel lobby and turn right. She provided me with a sandwich for the trip and requested I call when I reached my destination so she’d know I arrived safely. I should have brought my GPS.

After breakfast we walked to Central Park. At all entrances we were accosted by people trying to sell us a bicycle ride or horse drawn carriage ride. We declined as we wanted to see Central Park on foot. Walking through the park and looking at the apartments across the street we agreed the people living there must be grateful they’re afforded such glorious views of the park. We walked for hours and saw some of the attractions and beauty the park has to offer.

We had to cut our time short to go back to the room in order to shower and change before dinner. I opened the bathroom door expecting to see a soap dish. I didn’t see a dish; rather I saw extra bars of soap, up to the ceiling. Extra soap? Really? I needed a soap dish, not extra soap! 

We head out for dinner and a Broadway play. Broadway is an attack on all of one’s senses. If you want to wake up a comatose person, Broadway will jolt them awake. Our first play is Cinderella. Going to the theater I see a line of people on the sidewalk. Puzzled as to why there’s a line and annoyed people are blocking my path, I go into New York mode and bob and weave around all of them. Turns out all those people were in line For Cinderella. So, I bob and weave back to the end of the line, this time with my head down. This play is a visual and musical treat.

Getting ready for bed we decide to speak to someone at the front desk on our way out tomorrow morning and request a soap dish. Will it work? Meet me back here tomorrow and I’ll let you know.

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