Everybody working the front desk is busy helping a guest, so we decide to speak to someone about the soap dish when we get back.

We head toward Central Park for part two. The part of the park we walk through today is less filled with tourist and more quiet. We see the conservatory gardens, the pool and the tucked away waterfall. A waterfall in the heart of Manhattan is mind boggling.

Walking through the park we notice boy scouts. It seemed they have joined the throngs of millions in New York for some kind of retreat. A mob of them were gathered around some benches eating pizza. It smelled great and got me in the mood for pizza. On our hike back to the hotel we stopped off at Ray’s Pizza and indulged. It was delicious – thin and crispy, just the way I like it.

Back in the hotel lobby there’s no line at the desk so I approach the desk clerk and explain the soap dish saga. She apologies and assures me someone from housekeeping will be up momentarily with the dish.

In our room there’s a knock at the door. My husband answers the door and a man places soap in his hands and says, “Here’s your soap.”  My husband looks at the soap in disbelief and replies,” We don’t need more soap. We need a dish.” The man obviously confused, questions in broken English, “What? What is a… er… how you say…dish?” My husband looks like he’s playing a game of charades trying to describe it. The man looks as confused by my husband’s gestures as we are by his broken English. My husband goes to my girlfriend’s room and shows him her soap dish; the man smiles. I’m blinded by the light bulb that goes on in his head. Oh, yes…er…I know what you want. I’ll be right back.” A few minutes late he returns with a soap dish. Hooray. We arrived at the hotel Monday. We get a soap dish late Wednesday afternoon. We leave Friday. Not too bad.

Later that night I was just as Happy watching Nathan Lane (who I love) in the play The Nance as I was picturing our soap in the dish back in our hotel room.



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