Checkout.  Last day. We go to Trump Plaza. The Plaza restrooms are the nicest, cleanest bathrooms on earth. It seemed everything had a golden glow – and I do mean everything.

We make the trip to the airport which is the exact opposite of Trump plaza – it’s a dump. It’s the dirtiest, most noisy airport I’ve ever been in. We had to wait three hours as out flight was delayed three times.

We board the plane and fly to our local airport. When we landed the flight attendant announced we were waiting for gate confirmation. Awhile later she thanked us for our patience and assured us our wait was almost over. Next time she gets on the microphone she expresses her frustration by letting out a heavy, loud sigh (never heard a stewardess sigh before) and confesses, “They’re not answering our calls. I don’t know why they can’t figure out where to put us.”

Looking around the runway I saw one other plane. All the other gates were empty. We could have just picked one and drove up to it.

Impatience sets in and the pilot decides to lower the steps for us to get off. (A no nonsense type of guy.) The stewardess makes one last announcement assuring us this was safe, but to be careful to avoid hitting our heads on the plane’s wing once on the runway. (I never heard that before either.) On the runway we wait for someone to open the luggage compartment of the plane. We watched as he then tossed the bags onto the luggage cart. We retrieved our bags. Since there was no AirTran to get into the airport, we had to walk up a flight of steps, walk through the airport and out the front doors to our car in the lot. The only way this flight could have been 100% self-service is if we had flown the plane ourselves.

As I watched my husband lug the suitcase up the flight of steps I thought it was a good thing the soap dish I earned and swiped from the hotel was light. I had to have some souvenir for New York.

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