LaFisheria, a Mexican restaurant in Houston, Texas has installed a “no children under 8 after 7p.m.” policy. The owner issued the policy after numerous complaints from patrons bothered by loud children. If it’s a family restaurant this might not be a smart business move, but if it’s a fancy restaurant then it’s probably a smart move. Customers don’t want a headache along with their sky-high bill.

My community Y has a “no children under 16 allowed unless accompanied by an adult” policy for the fitness room.  Some couples want children at their wedding and some do not. I’ve been to movie theaters where the children behaved better than the parents who were inconsiderate to those around them by texting constantly on their phone.

I’ve been to restaurants where parents allowed their kids to walk on the seats. Was it wrong for the kids to do? Yes, but to me the fault lies with the parent for failing to stop such behavior.

Sometimes parents have to accept responsibility and teach by example. If your child runs around a restaurant – take them outside. If your child sticks his finger in other people’s food – take them outside. If your child screams and cries – take them outside, unless, of course you’re on a plane. In that case sit tight and offer fellow passengers earplugs.

Your child won’t learn acceptable social behavior, unless you teach them.

I was in a restaurant last night where a young boy was banging on the windows and smacking the lights. He seemed to relish in the attention it brought him. He continued until his mother (who was ignoring him because she was busy talking to others at the table) finally looked and stopped him. Somehow I think if it was her home she would have nipped his behavior in the bud much sooner.

Children are only as good as their role models and can’t be blamed all the time for bad behavior if parents don’t step up to the plate and do what parents should do – parent

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