The snapshot in USA Today was – would you buy from a store knowing a better deal existed elsewhere if you had a positive prior experience? 70% answered yes. 30 % answered no.

At the grocery store we shop at there’s a nice, friendly cashier who’s not necessarily the fastest cashier. And even though the other cashiers can ring us up in less time we always choose her. Why? Because she’s friendly! She talks to her customers. She doesn’t give the impression she’s doing you a favor by doing her job. The interaction between me and her makes my shopping experience a positive one. 

I know some people don’t care about positive experiences; they care about getting the best deal. This is why the ‘tax-free weekend’ was invented. During this weekend parents battle the crowds to buy back- to- school supplies for their kids. Parents contend with the rude, defiant and scary… their own kids and others. Parents contend with the surly and obnoxious who step on their toes without so much as an “I’m sorry,” to step into a pair of brand new sneakers. Parents contend with the pushy and belligerent who shove them aside to grab the last character backpack. Parents make allowances for these people and the cashier that greets them with the ‘Get me out of here,’ haunting look in her eyes.

The only difference between ‘tax-free’ weekend and ‘Black Friday’ is the cashier doesn’t automatically and insincerely wish you ‘Happy Holidays.’

Since I work from home and hate crowds I do not succumb to great deal promotions such as tax-free weekends. I wait for a coupon and then a sale. I shop when the stores are empty (no more than 5 people.) and the only person whining, “I wanna go home,” is my husband whom I dragged along. With great deals come great sacrifices.

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