Labor Day has come and gone leaving us with the question – is it ok to still wear white? Some like me will bid farewell to their white sandals till next year. Others who are no slaves to fashion, like the men who wear socks with sandals, will continue to wear white. It’s sort of like wearing an Easter hat after Easter. It’s like wearing a Christmas sweater after Christmas. You can do it, but the reindeer‘s antlers will start to sag come July.

I’m not so concerned about whether or not people wear white after Labor Day as I am about stores that display Christmas decorations around Labor Day. I went into Garden Ridge the other day and all the Christmas trees and decorations were up. Come on!

Remember when the season didn’t kick in until Thanksgiving ended and the last of the turkey leftovers was eaten. Christmas got the green light when Santa made his appearance at the Macy’s parade, ushering one holiday out and the next one in.

Now that Christmas is commercially celebrated months in advance it loses some of its magic. It takes the short term merriment of the holiday and stretches it to the point that the meaning and reason of the holiday can be forgotten. Why, it could make those who celebrate Christmas think it’s all about commercialism. Let’s hope not.

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