An article in USA Today stated that starting this year things will be different for Cookie Monster on Sesame Street as he will grapple with self-restraint. In the past when he wanted a cookie he got one, now he’ll learn about delaying gratification as he won’t always get one. In the new season Cookie will struggle repeatedly to resist temptation.

When I was a kid I thought delaying gratification was to eat the frosting on a piece of cake last as it was my favorite part. I did this until one day an aunt saw me separating the frosting from the cake and casually remarked, “You could die before you finish your cake and you wouldn’t have eaten the frosting. Eat it first; don’t leave the best for last.” Sure, she may not have been my most optimistic aunt, but she became my favorite. She was suddenly bathed in a golden glow, radiating her omniscient knowledge. Only now looking back, I think if I died while eating cake I would be upset because – I died while eating cake. That’s no way to kick the bucket.

Recently while looking at a box of Junior Mints and trying to resist the temptation I thought of Cookie Monster. I tried to delay gratification by telling myself I didn’t need chocolate; but when it comes to women and chocolate the words and need and want are synonymous. I tried to ignore the scent wafting up my nose and tantalizing my taste buds. But, when I envisioned my favorite, somewhat pessimistic aunt, I ripped open the box and reached in to pull out a mint to satisfy my craving.

I felt a lump of mints stuck together and clinging to the box. I did the only logical thing a woman desperate for chocolate would do – I cut the box open with scissors and start clawing frantically at the mints. In my haste for instant gratification I knocked some mints on the kitchen floor. My hopes plummeted as I looked at the mints and knew I couldn’t possibly use the 5 second rule – not for my kitchen floor. I couldn’t take the chance. It wouldn’t be smart. I dumped them. Yes, food on my kitchen floor will kill anyone’s appetite and need for any gratification. I’m sure my aunt would agree.

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