An article in USA Today reported that so many restaurants have adapted the pretzel bun, making it the fastest-growing sandwich bread. Since pretzels don’t contain the fat of other breads and pastries, this makes perfect sense.

Why, restaurants can serve pretzels to fit their nationality. An Italian restaurant can serve mozzarella cheese pretzel. A Mexican restaurant can serve salsa pretzel. And a Chinese restaurant can serve wonton pretzel.

No matter what flavor the pretzel is, for me, it must be hot. I like a hot, crispy pretzel. Once the pretzel cools and loses its crunch, I lose my appetite. I can’t stand holding a pretzel that feels like a wet noodle. When I bite into a pretzel I want the sensation of biting into a potato chip. I like my pizza crust the same way. It’s only a matter of time till we have pretzel crust.

With pretzel bread you’ll no longer have to decide what bread to have your chicken salad on. The choices are endless: white, wheat, French, Italian, whole grain, fresh or stale and rye (seeds or no seeds.) Sometimes it can take longer to choose your bread than to eat your sandwich.

Pretzel bread is also a timesaver as there’s no crust to cut off. Parents will no longer have to cut the crust off their kid’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I will no longer have to cut the crust off my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The pretzel bread maybe the greatest invention since sliced bread (pun intended.)


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