An article in USA Today reported that Playtex has come out with a more contemporary line of bras in hopes of gaining younger consumers and increasing sales.

Recently, I went bra shopping and was surprised at the latest styles. One style was memory foam. Is this really a good idea for the woman who has to lift her breast up off the floor before she puts on her bra? No woman wants to put on a bra and have it fall to the floor for her to step into. A bra should lift them up so no woman walks around hunched over all day. It’s bad for the back.

I have a memory foam mattress which is great as it draws the invisible line down the beds center, keeping hubby on his side of the bed. Memory foam for a bed is good. Memory foam for a bra is not good. 

One bra had a tag which read ‘Funny Shapes Fixed.’ Would advertisers would be so cruel and heartless to put such a label on a package of men’s underwear?

There was a mother and daughter in the fitting room next to me and the daughter was trying on bras. I know because I heard the mother using phrases like, “It won’t give much support,” and “You need more coverage.” The girl and I emerged from the dressing room at the same time. I looked at her and thought… she’s young. Memory foam bras were made for her.

I paid for my bras and the physical support guaranteed and then went home to get emotional support from my husband. Those memory foam bras can leave an emotional scar.

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