Gliding down a long, winding staircase with your gown and luminous hair flowing behind you is the way to make an elegant entrance. Some people like to make an entrance and that’s the way to make a memorable one.

The most memorable entrance I ever made was back in college. I entered the student union building, slipped on a puddle of water, slid across the floor and fell on my butt. I don’t think the laughing spectators noticed my cheeks flushed red with embarrassment as I gathered my books which had flown in all directions. Elegant is not the word to describe that entrance.

Recently, I was in a meeting where two ladies made two different entrances, each disruptive in its own way.

The first lady entered and realizing the meeting was in session tried to be quiet as she settled in. She didn’t succeed. A herd of elephants would have been quieter. She bumped into chairs. She knocked into and over things with her umbrella. She blew (loudly) her nose. She knocked over her water. She didn’t like her chair, asked the person next to her to switch and soon had us all playing musical chairs. Finally, ten minutes later, when she was comfortable, the meeting resumed and lady number two entered.

Lady number two didn’t notice or care she interrupted a conversation in progress when she swung open the door. With all eyes upon her she took center stage and ran down a list for being late. She told us about her day, week, year and life up till that moment. She must have confused us with a support group, thinking we cared about her problems. We didn’t! Finally, when her impromptu therapy session was over, she announced, “Anyway, I’m here.” As soon as she settled in her seat the group leader announced, “Time’s up.”

On our way out the door some (me) of us may have trampled ladies 1 and 2; I’m not sure. I’m not sure how to make an elegant entrance, but I sure know how to make a quick exit.


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