There’s a website called The site exposes your husband or boyfriend’s alleged mistresses with names, pictures and torrid details. One can publicly flog the other woman and shame your husband at the same time. This modern day form of revenge is what the ‘Scarlet letter A’ was in the olden days.

This site places blame on the other woman, not the man. Why isn’t the man held accountable? Didn’t the man participate willingly or did he have a gun to his head? He wouldn’t be there if he didn’t want to be. It was your husband who pledged to love you, not the other woman. She may not even have known about you.

Let’s face it, when a married man engages in an affair he may not tell his lover he’s married. If the guy’s lying to and cheating on his wife, you can bet he’ll lie to the mistress. It’s not like the guy has a high moral standard. Get real.

This site should be used to extract revenge on the husband as well as the other woman. Post embarrassing information about your husband the mistress doesn’t know. Give torrid details about the man you both love. Let the mistress know the following: his idea of musical entertainment is burping and farting in sync. His idea of cooking a gourmet meal is a bowl of Fruit Loops. His idea of housework is plugging in the vacuum for you. His idea of the perfect “As Seen on TV” Christmas gift is one that slices and dices.

Maybe, if the mistress sees the real man and not the man who’s wooing her, she’d throw him back. Maybe, the wife and mistress could form a support group and create a website –‘Women Who Were Duped.’ What a great way to get revenge on the one man who duped two women.

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