Don’t want to buy jeans – now you can rent them at Don’t want to commit to buying a tie – now you can rent one at FreshNeck .com. I could see renting a tie – wear it once and then rent a different one – it’s like NETFLIX – watch a movie and rent another one. Renting jeans is a different story as there’s an emotional investment. Every woman who has tried on a pair of jeans asks the same question, “Does my butt look good in these jeans?” Rented jeans have been pre-shaped by someone else’s butt. The prior owner’s butt may have looked great, but your looks like a sack of potatoes.

Don’t want to buy designer duds for your kids – now you can rent clothes for kids at This is an online kids store where shipping is covered, outfits insured and accessories available. With a designer onesie when your baby messes it by going poop now you can clean it and send it back rather than keeping it. The thing is – the baby who messes it up doesn’t know if it’s designer wear or a hand-me-down. It makes no difference to them, unlike their parents. I’m guessing the kids wearing designer duds (even if rented) don’t wear hand-me-downs.

As the youngest of four children I wore hand-me-downs. It wasn’t until later in life I learned clothing could be bought new. My mother was our own personal seamstress. The magic she performed on a piece of cloth was no less than miraculous. She would take a pair of pant and tuck a little here, let out a little there, add some lace, move some buttons and presto, you had a new dress. The woman was Houdini with the magic she performed. When the clothing could be worn no more, it got a second life – as a rag. Our rag bag was made from real rags. There were no designer rags or designer duds for us.


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