Some girls plan their dream wedding at the age of twelve – they know what they want… all they need is the man and a dress. Sometimes that dream wedding may come at a price beyond their means. To have that dream wedding, no matter the cost, today’s brides-to-be have started a new trend called ‘Crowdfunding.’

Good Morning America reported that brides-to-be who can’t pay for their wedding are turning to family, friends and even strangers for donations – ‘Crowdfunding.’

Guaranteed if Aunt Sally makes a monetary donation there will be strings attached and she’ll demand certain things. If she covers the cost of flowers, she’ll demand black roses instead of the lilies you want. If Uncle Fred covers transportation he’ll supply motorcycles for the bridal party and tell you, “Rain on your wedding means good luck.” There was chlorine (lots of it) in Uncle Fred’s gene pool. Your estranged cousin (Uncle Fred’s daughter) donates money just so her son can be ring bearer. You know he’ll ruin the wedding and will swallow the rings before he makes it to the altar and your cousin’s counting on it. But, you accept the donation because you need that last $1,000.

If a bride-to-be accepts donations from big businesses, don’t be surprised if her wedding gown is covered in advertisements rather than pearls.

If you have a destination wedding the cost escalates for your guests. It was reported that the average cost for being a bridesmaid today is $1,700. That’s a lot! People want to share in your special day – they just don’t want it to be a financial hardship. If you find yourself breaking the bank and begging for donations for your dream wedding then you might want to consider ‘plan b’ – ELOPE. Planning the perfect marriage is much more important than planning the perfect wedding day.

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