I recently ran into a friend at the grocery store who told me she was gluten intolerant and was shopping for ingredients to make fake macaroni and cheese. She seemed puzzled when I quipped, “You’re making ‘fake mac and cheese’ as opposed to the real Kraft mac and cheese you used to make.”

My husband and I once tried healthy eating and decided to cut gluten out from our diet. We went to the store and bought gluten free pasta. We cooked the pasta. We ate two forkfuls of pasta. Then we put our forks down, picked up our spoons and scooped ourselves a heaping serving of gluten. End of experiment. From our little experiment I learned that even though I don’t know what gluten is, I do know I love it.” We decided to reunite with our comfort foods.

I must admit we’re the type of people who like ‘real-imitation’ foods such as Kraft macaroni and cheese. Once I made my kids real homemade macaroni and cheese and they hated it. We went back to store bought. Their mac and cheese comes in a blue and yellow box.

I must admit I like Entenmann’s cakes better than homemade. Even though I know you slaved over a hot stove and your cake is low fat, I don’t like it. Give me Entenmann’s chocolate cake.

I must admit I like canned string beans better than fresh. Even though I know fresh beans are easy to make and great with dip, I don’t like ‘em. Give me canned Del Monte.

I must admit I like Stove Top stuffing better than homemade. Even though I know your stuffing has raisins, nuts and apples and is made with love, I don’t like it. Give me Stove Top.

I must admit I like canned cranberry sauce better than fresh. I like the way it slides out of the can and that the expiration date is visible on every slice. Even though I know you personally handpicked your cranberries and have won awards for your recipe, I don’t like it. Give me canned any day.

Tonight for dinner we’re having pizza. It’s not fresh, it’s Tombstone. I must admit I like the ‘real-imitation’ chunks of meat. YUM!