Stanley and Alice is a series of short plays linked together by a common thread. Stanley Whitman, an elderly gentleman, plays the role of lovable hypochondriac with warmth and humor.

Alice Whitman, Stanley’s wife, offers sanity to Stanley’s insanity. She deals with him the way one would a problem child – with love, patience and humor.

The adventures Stanley and Alice have in the span of a day – going from the diner, to the store and getting stuck in an elevator, will leave you laughing and shaking your head at the same time.

Excerpt from ‘Stuck in an Elevator

Stanley- I picked up my blood pressure medicine this morning.


Stanley -AndI paid for a whole months worth.

Alice- So?

Stanley- So,Alice, I paid for a month’s supply of medicine that Idon’t need. Idon’t need it because I’m going to die, here, today, in this elevator. What a waste of money.

Alice- You’re being ridiculous,Stanley. Rest assured we’llgetout of here. You needed that medicine.

Stanley- Turns outallI needed wasonepill. If I knew I was gonna die, this afternoon in an elevator I wouldn’t of paid for the whole bottle. I would of used the extra money to take you out for a fancy lunch,Alice; better than the diner we went to. We could have went to a place that served apple pieandwasn’t as cold as a meat locker. When I left there I was sure I’d catch pneumoniaandbe dead by the end of the week.NowI’m stuck in an elevatorandI’ll be dead in a few hours. I’ll be dead with blackberry seeds stuck between my teeth. The coroner will have to floss my teeth. Luckily theydon’t lay people out smiling.

Alice- You’re right about that,Stanley. You never see the person in the coffin smiling.