Stanley and Alice is a series of short plays linked together by a common thread. Stanley Whitman, an elderly gentleman, plays the role of lovable hypochondriac with warmth and humor.

Alice Whitman, Stanley’s wife, offers sanity to Stanley’s insanity. She deals with him the way one would a problem child – with love, patience and humor.

The adventures Stanley and Alice have in the span of a day – going from the diner, to the store and getting stuck in an elevator, will leave you laughing and shaking your head at the same time. Stanley and Alice are looking for a stage they can call home; if you know of one, contact me. Click to read an excerpt from ‘Stuck in an Elevator’.

As the Tables Turn are a series of sketches that spoof famous people in history, American culture and the world of television. I’m looking to find them a home with a loving producer to bring them to life. Click here to read an excerpt from the sketch Fred and Wilma

If That Ain’t Cheating, Then What Is? What is cheating? Is it the physical act? Is an emotional affair cheating? The characters in this short play raise the questions of what constitutes cheating.

Flying Turkeys and Stuffed Mushrooms. Claire, unhappy in her marriage uses her husbands sudden amnesia to her advantage. She switches her husbands identity with his brother, whom she is having an affair with. All is going well for Claire, her husband and lover/brother-in-law are living under one roof until someone shows up unexpectedly. See how Claire deals with the monkey wrench thrown into her plans and the surprise ending.

Walk With Me This short narrative represents those outcast by society. Ten-year old Josh tells of his struggles with loneliness and searches for acceptance. It showcases the lengths he will go to in order to find friendship. This may serve as a teaching tool in elementary schools as children will learn about rejection and friendship