As the Tables Turn – Fred and Wilma

Join me today for an episode of “As the Tables Turn.” The characters, as always, will be eating and talking. The setting – a restaurant where the lights are dim and the prices are high. The characters – seated at table 1 – Fred and Wilma, married 5 years. We join their conversation already in progress.

Wilma:      It certainly is nice, the two of us out to dinner, alone, Fred.

 Fred:         Yes, it is Wilma; it’s been a long time.

Wilma:      Well, usually you’re bowling or at your buffalo lodge, instead of home with me.

 Fred:         Wilma, please, let’s not quarrel tonight. We’re here to enjoy ourselves.

Enter the waiter.

Waiter:     Good evening folks. Our appetizer tonight, after some heated quarreling among our chefs, spicy buffalo wings.

The waiter exits.

Wilma:      Fred, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about getting a second car.

Fred:         A second car? Wilma, you think I’m made out of money!

 Wilma:      Fred, we’re the only family on our block with one car. You act as though we live in the Stone Age.

Fred:         What do you need a car for Wilma? I take you every place you want to go.

Enter the waiter.

Waiter:     Excuse me, our dinner special tonight – stone crabs served over linguine. Our chef picked them up while driving around town today in his hot new red sports car. Now that he has a second car he doesn’t have to drive his wife around. He’s a happy man.

 Wilma:      Fred, you work during the day, I’m home alone. Sometimes I get bored and lonely. I want my own car so I can come and go as I please.

Fred:         So, sometimes you get bored and lonely, huh? Well, why don’t you get a job? I hear there’s a rock quarry down the road that is hiring.

Waiter:     I must ask for you to speak up when addressing me as I’m having trouble hearing. This morning I had to work in my father’s quarry. Boy, I never should of told him I was bored and lonely during the day. I still have a ringing in my ears.

The waiter exits with hands over ears.