I’m an avid walker and walk whether it’s hot or cold, but admit I do prefer the cold. Thanks to the ipod I always have music to listen to. I realized how attached I’ve grown to my ipod when one day I turned it on and got upset when it wouldn’t play as it needed to be recharged. Infuriated I barked at my husband, “I can’t walk now. How can I walk without my ipod?  I’ll stay home. My husband reminded me, “There was a time you walked without an ipod, with no music to keep you going.” So, I took my walk, but I was lonely.

That’s why I was dreading the upcoming winter when I would replace my ipod with earmuffs (not a hat person) to stay warm. I was depressed until I found out about the ipod earmuffs. When I read about them in a magazine I gave thanks for the inventor. I ran to buy a pair and even though the selection of color patterns available was not my style –I didn’t let that stop me.

I bought my earmuffs because of the ipod. I bought my scarf to match my earmuffs. I bought my gloves to match my scarf and earmuffs and because of the removable flap which makes it easier to work my ipod. I thought I had completed an entire wardrobe around my ipod until someone gave my husband a jacket designed with an audio pocket which hides your ipod wire.

I have to head back to the store. My outfit is incomplete.

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