Gravy – is it brown or red? The answer to this depends on nationality and geography. Growing up Italian, inNew York, gravy was and still is (even though I’ve moved) red. My definition of gravy is – tomato sauce for pasta.

Growing up in an Italian household every Sunday for dinner we would have macaroni (didn’t call it pasta) and meatballs. The meatballs would be fried early morning in order to be added to the gravy which would cook for forever (sometimes longer than a Kardashian wedding.) You would have red wine to go with the red gravy and wipe up the excess gravy with Italian bread which went with the theme.

When I moved to the South I learned gravy has a different definition. Gravy is brown and served on potatoes and biscuits. So, you could have gravy on potatoes. You could have gravy on biscuits, but you could not and should not have gravy on pasta.

As if the whole gravy/sauce thing wasn’t confusing enough, confusion was forefront the first time I ordered a meatball pizza.

“A meatball pizza? What’s that asked the pizza boy I spoke to on the phone.

“It’s pizza with chopped up meatball,” I informed him.

“We don’t have anything like that. Order something else,” he barked.

“You’re an Italian pizza parlor and you don’t carry pizza with chop meat as a topping?” “Oh, chop meat! Why didn’t you say so, of course we do; only it’s not called a meatball pizza.”

Of course it isn’t I thought to myself.

“What other toppings do you want on your pizza?”

“ The usual – meatball (oh, sorry) cheese, tomato, and gravy.”

“Gravy? You want gravy on your pizza?”

“Yes, gravy, you know, usually made with meatballs. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

Lady, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

When I got off the phone I thought – I may be living in the same country, but I feel like I’m talking a foreign language.

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