I don’t get it. It must be a male thing. My husband will open a drawer, take what he needs and walk away, leaving the drawer open. My husband will open a closet door, take what he needs and walk away, leaving the door open. Why, if a man opens something, can’t he shut it? It’s simple really; it’s the same as opening – only in reverse.

At times I play the part of a ‘demonstration model,’ and demonstrate the simplistic ease of opening and closing doors and drawers to my husband.

We can’t let them slide by on the excuse, “I just don’t think about it,” because it’s bogus. Why is it they can’t remember to close a drawer and yet when they go to the bathroom they lock the door automatically behind them? And if shutting doors is beyond their mental capacity, why is it they never leave a car door open? See, they can do it when they have to.

The only time my husband doesn’t have a problem with closing a door is when I’m walking behind him from the garage into the house; then the man has no trouble closing the door on me.

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