We got our daughter an electric blanket. The settings go from 1 -10. Just like a toaster, #1 does nothing, at # 5 she’s slightly warm and toasty and at # 10 she’s burnt to a crisp. In the mornings, after a night of sauna like conditions her hair’s limp and stringy, her pajamas are damp and sweat covers her body. And she looks to have sweated a couple of pounds off. The kid couldn’t be happier.

I know my husband would also be happy with an electric blanket, but since he sleeps with me that’s not gonna happen. I like it cold when I sleep, he likes it hot. If there were a blanket for 2 with dual control, like temperature control in a car, I would consider it.

He loves that our car has dual temperature control. I keep my side set at a nippy 48 degrees and he cranks his side to a balmy 98 degrees. But, even though I like the idea of dual control, I’m not convinced of how well it works. To me it’s like a restaurant with a smoking and non-smoking section. You may sit in the non-smoking section, but smoke will still waft over to your side. It’s not like my husband’s on his side wearing shorts and flip-flops and I’m wearing a parka and mittens.

I imagine the man would be in his glory with heated seats and his own portable electric car blanket. Does such a thing exist?

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