An article in my local paper reported that Wal-Mart has done away with greeters from the overnight shift which runs from10 p.m.to7 a.m.The greeter’s job is to welcome all customers. Even though I know the greeter is paid to be nice, smile and exchange pleasantries (and they’d walk right bye me if they saw me on the street) I think they can teach my family a thing or two.

There have been times when I try to sneak quietly into my house (because everybody’s home) so that nobody will hear me and come running. At times all I want to do, or, rather, need to do is run to the bathroom. If they know I’m home they’ll come running and stop me with questions such as, “Where were you? Who were you with? Did you buy me anything? I’m hungry. What’s for dinner?” They don’t greet me like the Wal-Mart greeter who acknowledges me, steps back and lets me go about my business. My family could learn a thing or two from them; or, next time I need to use the bathroom I should go to Wal-Mart.

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