An article in USA Today about ‘distracted walking’ (which is people talking on cell phones, texting or listening to music while walking and not paying attention) mentioned that cell phone use by pedestrians led to more than 1,000 emergency room visits nationwide in 2008. And in March a woman had to be rescued fromLake Michiganafter she fell off a pier while walking and texting.

I believe a person’s height can also be a danger when walking. What do I mean? I’ll tell you. One Christmas when my son was very young (and therefore short) we took him to NYC to see theRockefellerCentertree. We walked the very crowded and bustling sidewalks. To those who didn’t even see him close to the ground he was an unseen speed bump on the way to their destination. He was swept along with their swinging arms. He was kicked by their determined gait. And he was bumped along by the multiple of shopping bags they toted. He walked on an island of danger all because he was short.

When my brother-in-law was young (and also short) he would walk (before cell phones) with his head down and bump into things such as parking meters. People were always telling him to look up. Well, one day he listened, looked up and promptly fell into a large pothole. He no longer walks. He drives and is always on the lookout for little kids in big pot holes.

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