Do you read your daily horoscope? I don’t because I find horoscopes to be along the same lines as a weather forecast – throwing in a little bit of everything. The similarities make the two interchangeable.

The following is an example of a generic forecast/horoscope. Today will bring intermittent showers of annoying people and periods of brief sunshine basking you in the glow of undeserved adulation from people who love you no matter what (your grandparents.) See what I mean? When broken down line by line the similarities are more pronounced.

Horoscope – today you should cease the opportunity to strengthen family ties and call loved ones.

Weather forecast – with the unpredictable weather pattern we’ve been having it’s to close to call whether its ties on the atmosphere will bring hail or severe strong winds.

Horoscope – expect the winds of change to lead your life in a new direction.

Weather forecast – strong winds may cause down power lines and uproot trees. Be prepared for traffic to be redirected.

Weather – a sky full of clouds will overshadow the lushness of May.

Horoscope – don’t let your internal darkness cloud and overshadow your chance at happiness.

Weather – as the sun sets and the moon illuminates the night sky the North Star will be visible.

Horoscope – follow your inner compass and you will shine like the North Star, illuminating the night sky.

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